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My work is based on various methods that serve self-reflection and personal development. On my way I have intensively studied and learned Yoga, Meditation, the Grinberg Method, Craniosacral Work (Hugh Milne), Deep Bodywork (Perry Holloman) and Person-Centered Counseling (Rogers), among others. My work is aimed at people who

    • increase their energy levels
    • manage pain and symptoms of illness more efficiently
    • experience the body as a source of strength
    • deal with stress, fears, moods and stressful situations in a more self-determined manner
    • bring their body image and body awareness into harmony
    • develop self-confidence
    • gain more freedom in creative expression (actors, singers, artists, public speakers)
    • discover their potential and use it to enrich their lives
    • feel a sense of self-worth, take initiative and ownership
    • change or develop professionally
    • be more adventurous

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