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Caroline Hupe Fußreflexzonenmassage
Caroline Hupe Fureflexzonenmassage



The knowledge about the effect of pressure points runs through many cultures and epochs. This healing art, which is thousands of years old, was already used in ancient India and China.

Today’s acupuncture is developed from its roots. The medicine women of the Native Americans have already preserved and practiced similar methods over many generations. In Germany, the technique has been researched and passed on by Hanne Marquardt since the 1950s. Certain points on the feet affect areas and organs throughout the body. It is particularly important to me to make a direct experience of stability and grounding tangible by touching the feet. A nice contrast to our fast, technically minded lives. I like to incorporate the foot reflexology massage into a long full body massage. But it can also be booked individually. Each massage is rounded off with an aromatic tea and time to come down.

60 min – 75 €