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In our first meeting we get to know each other and discuss what you would like to work on and which topics concern you. We describe what you want to learn and change and what goals you want to achieve. It can be physical symptoms that you want to improve, such as headaches, shoulder and neck tension or back pain etc. It could be emotions that burden you, such as fear, discouragement, sadness, anger or despair, everyday situations that trigger stress or traumatic experiences from the past that do not let you go. It can also be the desire to have more clarity, courage and purposefulness for a project or a new phase of life.

Since postures and behavior patterns don’t change overnight, we work on it together over a certain period of time. Until either your symptoms improve and / or you can take a more relaxed attitude towards your challenges.

I support you with heart and hand, a lot of experience and humor, to get you closer to your goals and to realize your wishes.

I teach through description, touch, breathing, physical exercises and mindfulness exercises. My attitude is respectful, appreciative and accepting as well as playful and challenging. It is important for me to create a safe and clear atmosphere.