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2022 Berlin, Cycles-Workshop, 5-Rhythms with Jonathan Horan

2020 birth of my 2nd child

2015 birth of my 1st child

2012 one month at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California: 5 rhythms with Lucia Horan, yin yoga with Rob Wilks, Gestalt therapy with Dorothee Charles.

2011 N.Y.: 5 rhythms “Heartbeat” workshop with Gabrielle Roth and Jonathan Horan

2002 two months in New Zealand: in a secluded bay, on a white beach, with a view of the frolicking orcas, my first yoga class and holistic massage at Lochmara Lodge in the Marlborough Sounds. What a fantastic career start!!!

2001 six-month stay in India: Yoga lessons from a Kundalini Yogi on the beach in Goa. It inspired me so much that I later became a yoga teacher myself.

Yoga workshops in Auroville, Vipassana meditation according to S.N. Goenka in the Himalayas.

The meditation practice accompanied me intensively for about 5 years until my urge to move tore me from the pillow. Since then I have loved to dance to be in the moment.

In 1999, after graduating from high school, three-month adventure in Australia

Born and raised in the Weserbergland near Hameln