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Every season has its own qualities and potentials that you can use to your advantage. In a season’s ritual you will get to know the respective natural force and connect with it. Herbs, fruits, massage and physical exercises support and harmonize your natural strength. After a season’s ritual you will feel tidy, balanced, centered and nourished.

Spring – spring stands for cleansing, detoxification and tidying up. Massage with birch oil, tea and breathing support this natural quality of your body.

Summer – summer stands for expansion, flowering and vitality. Massage with rose oil, refreshing peppermint water and yoga will underline your natural radiance.

Autumn – autumn stands for abundance, maturity and harvest. Massage with sea buckthorn oil, hot elderberry and apple juice, breathing and yoga nourish you in a natural way.

Winter – winter stands for retreat, regeneration and refueling. Massage with orange oil, cinnamon-ginger tea and meditation envelop you in warmth and accompany you in deep silence.


90 min – 95 €

A season’s ritual includes a soothing massage with wonderful oils, tea, physical exercises, breathing and meditation. It is a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones. You can book it as a unique experience or as a cycle that accompanies you through the course of the year.